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Affiliate System

    You can earn extra money by helping your friends and contacts.
    Boost confidence in your own business. As your contacts benefit from our excellent services, you will be perceived you as an effective entrepreneur.
    Help others in the business world. You can enjoy the pleasure of knowing that the people with whom you have interacted will become more effective company owners through your         excellent advice.
    Join free with no risk.There are no fees to be our Affiliate and everyone benefits from good service and financial profit.
    You are guaranteed a minimum commission of $50 or 10% per sale.
    Turn your web site traffic into revenue.

What simple steps are needed in order to become an Inc. N.I.B Affiliate?

Take inventory of the people you know. It will be easy to identify those who will most benefit from setting up a legal business entity. Provide your friends with vital information on how a corporation or LLC provides legalprotection, prestige, and in most cases, lower taxes: Whenever you come into contact with anyone who has started a business or is thinking about starting a one, tell them about the services that N.I.B offers. Broaden your contact base: Expand your universe of contacts by including not only entrepreneurs, but by contacting others who are interested in business. These include accountants, lawyers, financial planners who are likely to have a wide range of contacts thereby generating income for you