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Listed below a description of the Inernational Package that is offered to offshore businesses who form Corporations and LLC through Please note that the price of the Package varies from state to state to reflect the differences in filing fees that are payable to each state.

Each International Packages consistes of the following elements:


Including name preclearance and documents preparation and filling. OR Formation of LLC(Limited Liability Company) Including name preclearance and documents preparation and filling.


    Why provides service for the entity you have formed within.
    The states where your corporation or LLC is registered.
    The frist 12 months of registered agent service are included when you form your entity with us.


    Includes seal , sample minutes and bylaws and customized stock certificate or LLC formation.
    The kit is sent to your international address visa standard U.S mail or by a Private shipping service.

APOSTILLE (OR GOLD SEAL(as applicable))

   Is an authenticating certificate that verifies the legal existence of your U.S. corporation (or LLC) under the Hague         Convention of October 5, 1961.
    The apostille is frequently required by banks and/or other institutions that you will transact with
International Registration Plan


Please contact us directly if you wish to learn more about additional services that we offer to our offshore clients. We will provide you with customized pricing once we understand your specific requirements.

A selected list of our offerings is provided below. Please contact us if we can help you with any other requirements you may have..

    Assistance in establishing Corporate bank account with a domestic FDIC insured bank in Delaware or at other selected locations in North America.
    Internatinal Mail forwarding to assist clients who choose to maintain a U.S. business address.Mail can be forwarded or held for pick up at client request.
    Certificate of Good Standing issued by the state(s) in which you maintain an entity.
    Remittance of annual Franchise Tax and filing of Annual Report (Delaware Corporations/ Limited Liability Companies only).
    Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
    Publishing requirements that are mandated by certain states.
    Certificate of Renewal and Revival for lapsed Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.
    Certificate of Authority of Foreign Entity which is sometimes required by certain states in order to actively conduct business in more than one jurisdiction.