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We provide Two type of merchant account , Offshore Merchant Account & Onshore Merchant account in USA .Offshore Merchant for offshore clients who do not have company in USA .And Onshore Merchant is for clients who are having company in USA.

Offshore Merchant-

Rates For Offshore Merchant: Normally Rates for offshore merchant start from 6%-8% and ends 10% to 20% depends on the business Risks .10 to 15% is rolling reserve for 180 days payment time is weekly with two weeks in area some times twice in a month If Client Has processing History atleast 3 months then he can get best rates Like initial stage.

Onshore Merchant-

Rates For Onshore Merchant: Normally Rates for onshore merchant start from 1%-1.5% and ends 2% to 4.5% depends on the business Risks .If Client Has processing History atleast 3 months then he can get best rates Like initial stage.There is not any rolling reserve and also there is not any hold of payment .Settlement period is mostly daily with 7 days area or 24 to 48 hours .
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Merchant Account & Credit Card Processing

Today's fast-paced marketplace demands that your business has the ability to accept credit cards from your customers. Credit card processing is a must in any business, as today most people prefer to use their plastic over carrying cash. We offer the fastest merchant account in the industry with approvals usually within the same-day. We can approve most any type of business, includinghigh risk merchant account and offshore merchant account. Our rates are among the lowest in our industry, staring at only 1.39% swiped!!!! Call us today or simply apply online toady for a merchant account, we approve.


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