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Offshore Merchant Accounts
Companies establish offshore merchant a accounts to save money, mitigate risk, or gain business advantages unique to particular jurisdictions. Offshore merchant accounts are payment processing accounts established in a territory outside of a company’s initial country of incorporation.

As an example, a company initially registered as a US corporation establishes a payment processing account in Europe. The European account is considered an offshore merchant account for the US corporation Or, a European corporation establishes a payment processing account in Asia. The Asian account is considered an offshore merchant account for the European corporation.

Benefits of Offshore Merchant Accounts

    Reduce risk with diversification of payment processing
    Save money on payment processing fees
    Increased flexibility with choice of banks
    Protect assets and cash flow
    Boost revenues with additional sales
    Enhance security with superb fraud protection
    Power business growth with unlimited payment processing
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Can Offshore Merchant Accounts Save Money?

Amazingly, offshore merchant accounts can actually reduce credit card processing expenses.Credit card payment processing fees for international cards are higher than processing fees for domestic credit cards. Payment processing fees charged by domestic acquiring banks for international transactions are expensive and negatively impact operating costs.

For example, consider a European consumer using a credit card issued by a European bank. The consumer makes a purchase from a merchant that processes all credit card transactions though US merchant account. The purchase is processed as an international transaction by the US acquiring bank. The fees paid by the merchant for this international transaction are much higher than if the same item were purchased by a US consumer using a card issued by a US bank.

If the merchant established an offshore merchant account in Europe, orders from European customers would be considered local payments and carry much lower payment processing fees. Businesses save money by using offshore merchant accounts with low-cost “in-country” payment processing rates for international transactions rather than paying higher fees for international transactions processed through domestic acquirers.

How Offshore Merchant Accounts Reduce Payment Processing Risk

Companies with high payment processing volumes can find their business at risk if merchant accounts are held by a single acquiring bank. What happens if the acquiring bank is unable to process transactions? How will the company’s business operation and cash flow continue?

Diversification with offshore merchant accounts is a strategic defence to protect payment processing and mitigate risk. Contingency plans are essential for all aspects of business operations. Offshore merchant accounts are an easy way to safeguard business against potential loss.

Additionally, merchants in certain business categories find it easier to establish merchant accounts offshore than domestically. For example, European acquiring banks are friendlier to internet merchants offering adult entertainment digital content than are banks located in the US.

Rates For Offshore Merchant

Normally Rates for offshore merchant start from 6%-8% and ends 10% to 20% depends on the business Risks .10 to 15% is rolling reserve for 180 days payment time is weekly with two weeks in area some times twice in a month If Client Has processing History atleast 3 months then he can get best rates Like initial stage.

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