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virtual adderss service
We provide a full range of company formation and company incorporation services including: European company formation, bank account assistance, office rentals, legal and accountancy assistance We provide expert help and advice in setting up your business in Europe & Usa ,Asia from start to finish We understand your individual needs and requirements Customer care is our priority for all company formation and company incorporation that we set up in Europe &
Usa,Asia . We offer expert advice on US company formation and help lead you through the rules and regulations governing the processes involved to open a company in USA. We offer expertise drawn from years of experience in the European incorporation market.

Tax planning and compliance has today become more than ever a core business, financial and legal issue for all companies. We are well aware that errors at this level can place a company in a difficult position in the face of both the shareholders and the administrative authorities. We also specialise in intellectual property (IP) structures which provide our clients with a specific fiscal structure which takes advantage of tax regulations in order to significantly reduce the tax paid on revenues from IP. This therefore
means that the overall tax burden paid by the company is optimised, therefore saving you money. When working in different locations or trading with international customers or suppliers, it's vital to keep track of your foreign exchange exposure risks and have a solid foreign exchange risk management policy in place to deal with them.

business bank account
Without any doubt an offshore bank account is the key part of every offshore structure.We at have built valuagle contacts to offshore banks .therefore able toprovide you right offshore bank account for every situation.Our service is not just a simplebank introduction or Link exchange.We know exectly what our clients seek on the one side andwe have a clear understanding of banks compliance requirement on the other side. Once we have set up your business, in order to trade within
the United States, you will require a Business bank account.We open bank accounts with Wells Fargo. We can also open Bank account in HSBC bank & Bank of America.

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