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Company Tax Planning

Tax planning and compliance has today become more than ever a core business, financial and legal issue for all companies. We are well aware that errors at this level can place a company in a difficult position in the face of both the shareholders and the administrative authorities. We therefore work closely with our clients in order to find solutions which work for them and provide them with solid and long lasting tax structuring advice.

Tax Consultancy and Advice

We also specialise in intellectual property (IP) structures which provide our clients with a specific fiscal structure which takes advantage of tax regulations in order to significantly reduce the tax paid on revenues from IP. This therefore means that the overall tax burden paid by the company is optimised, therefore saving you money.

Another of our specialities is project feasibility analysis and project financing. If you have a project that you're looking to develop, be it a construction project, IT project or in another field, we have the knowledge and contacts that you need in order to find the right structure, the right model and the right investors to realise your ambition.

In order to complete our range of tax services, we have a team who focus solely on the opening of bank accounts (either personal or business), merchant accounts and securities accounts in order to ease what is becoming an increasingly difficult and time consuming process. Our professional team will guide you through the process and will set-up the bank accounts that you require in order to achieve your objectives, reach new markets and new potential.

Tax Planning and Risk Management

When working in different locations or trading with international customers or suppliers, it's vital to keep track of your foreign exchange exposure risks and have a solid foreign exchange risk management policy in place to deal with them. Often this is overlooked and can consequently cause significant financial loss to a company. Tax Planning can provide you with the solution to manage these risks and provide you foreign exchange contracts which offer significantly better terms and rates than the traditional banksUS BANK ACCOUNT.